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5 amazing edu apps for kids
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Amazing edu apps for kids

The iPhone 5 has been announced. And with that, many of us want to know about the Apps on the iPhone- especially edu apps that are relevant for kids and families.

While iPhone5 apps are still not clear, we have collected 5 iOS apps that have fun, educational use for the Whiz Kids.   Having a bunch of chores to do is the pits! Or is it? Do you get certain goodies in exchange for helping out around the house?   Learning how to manage your chores and any allowance given is a great way to show some responsibility. One way to help you learn is by actually playing on your electronics! There are several free apps that are described below and available on your iPod or iPhone. They will teach you about saving money and managing your chores.
Want to know about apps on other phones? Let us know and we will get more for you
A+ Allowance iOS Edu app
Edu apps A plus Allowance A+ Allowance is a tracking app where you will pick your chores out ahead of time. Your parents give a dollar value to each chore on the list. Once you complete a chore, mark it in your app. At the end of the week the app displays how many chores you have done and how much money is due for your allowance!
Kiddy bank iOS Edu Appp
edu apps Kiddy Bank is an app that connects bank accounts. If there is a set amount earned each week then it can be set up where the money is automatically transferred on that day. Money can also be manually added to an account if a special chore is completed or extra work is done. Once your chores are done for the week alert your parents and then they can pay your allowance right away.
Tykoon iOS Edu App: Get rewards for chores
Tykoon is an app that works with you on planning. Is there a computer you would like to buy? A TV? Tykoon allows you to list the items you want and then gives you options on how you can earn the money towards it. Chores listed can have a dollar value added to them and then it will display how many times you need to perform that chore in order to reach your goal.
Kids rewards iOS edu app
 Kids Rewards is an app that gives out points instead of dollars for chores completed. The points can build up to be redeemed for certain items the family has agreed upon ahead of time. Families who don’t pay money choose this app strictly because of the point value and not dollar value.
FamZoo Family Finance iOS app
Edu Apps for kids FamZoo Family Finance is an app that is downloaded for free but it has more enhanced features with a paid subscription. Chore charts can be created and monitored, but wish lists can also be created. Do you want money to go towards something specific? List your goal and the app will help you plan a route to get there.
  Since all of the apps are free, you can install them and try out each one. See which one works out the best for you and your parents. After you have chosen one, remember to log all of your chores and then the road to allowance money is that much smoother! Want to get more technology and gadgets news? We have a lot more on mobile apps for kids and families. For loads of information and videos: Sign in and get access to loads of goodies - registration is Easy!


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