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Child proof your phone (Yes it is possible!)
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Child Proof your phone: Kids Corner on Nokia Lumia

Children have an instant attraction to all things that can be fiddled with. With kids- if you are not attentive even for a second, anything that could potentially go wrong- most probably actually will. The trouble is- it is difficult to keep up with their energy and curiosity. They are constantly on the go- and anything that shines- is Gold for them. Actually nowadays, that would be anything with a screen. Especially your precious Smartphone, like a Nokia Lumia.

Kids Corner on Nokia Lumia Digital Natives?

So it’s that heart stopping moment again. The precious of the family has your Smartphone in his or her hands. And it is about to be pinched, zoomed, flicked, swiped and generally digged around with. Admit it; even YOU did not know some of the ways that phone could be used! As their fingers tap the screen, your heart probably skips a beat or two.

It’s not just about the physical safety of the phone (Mom, the phone just dropped in my porridge!); But you are likely to be more concerned about what can be done with the phone nowadays.

You can be guaranteed that a child will somehow:

a)      Manage to call someone

Dad- the phone called someone. Why were they angry and yelling something about a police station?

b)      Purchase something

Yess! I just got ‘flying powers’ for my avatar in this game. For just $100, I can now fly over the pond of the monster crocs! Aren’t you proud of me, Mom?

c)      Delete key data from your phone

Hey! Where are my notes for the important global meeting I am about to have in 15 minutes?

d)      Send an SMS to someone:

Dad- I just SMSed Auntie Liz from your phone to come over home because I am feeling lonely. Why did she reply with a double question mark?

Admit it. You have been in the thick of some or more of these scenarios.

Nokia Lumia Kids Corner

So on one hand, you know that a Smartphone like the Nokia Lumia is a godsend for kids- loads of educational and enrichment apps and functions. You know they learn so much by just exploring the device and the functions that satiate their curiosity.

But you also want them to be safe. You want them to have the right experience at the right age. And of course, you want to save yourself and others from potential inconvenience or trouble.


Now you can. Almost magically and in a really easy way- if you have a Nokia Lumia. The Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 comes with a function called the Kids Corner.

Read more about it in the next story- and for now, watch this video:

This story is brought to life by Nokia Singapore

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