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A Facebook phone, anyone?
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Are you on Facebook? Are you constantly checking out your friends' status updates?

The new Facebook smartphone may be just the right one for you. People have anticipated Facebook's very own phone for years. Now, rumour has it that it could be launched in 2013. We can hardly wait! What, Facebook is creating its own smart phone? Most probably. It might just be a rumour but an interesting one. And it seems like the social networking giant has hired at least six ex-Apple (The company that makes iPhones and iPADs) engineers to help build it. To date, there are about 900 million people on Facebook. Of this number, 500 million use smartphones to access the site. That's more than half the mobile users on Facebook! Could this large number translate to the number of potential Facebook phone users?     What’s “app”, Facebook? Apps are 'applications' that run on Facebook (Yes pretty similar to those on the iPhone and iPad and other smart phones). So Facebook has apps built by programmers that you can play on Facebook (Super wall, 'poking' someone, birthday reminders can all be done through apps on Facebook). And early this month, Facebook announced an upcoming launch of its very own App Centre. Hmmm... It seems like several more Facebook-based applications are in the works.       © Burbn, Inc. / Instagram You might have heard of used Instagram If you take photos from your phone and have Instagram installed on your phone, Instagram can make your photos more interesting by 'decorating' the photos so they look better. So Instagram is an 'app' that you use on the phone.
And guess what? Facebook bought the app for US$1 billion last month! (Quick - how many zeros in a billion?) Then, they bought another photo-sharing app, Lightbox. Actually, just recently, Facebook also bought another photo based company called And Last month, Facebook also released its own photo app called Facebook Camera.
Using this app, you can shoot pictures and add effects. Then, you can tag them and easily upload them onto Facebook and share with friends. Glancee has joined the Facebook family too. This app finds other smart phone users around you, using GPS. It also uses data from the social network's profiles to find users with similar interests.

Could we expect to see more Facebook-based applications? We'll just have to wait and see!

Smartphones are not exactly new to Facebook! The social network has partnered with mobile companies like HTC and INQ. These phones feature the Facebook news feed as their home screen. You can view your friends' updates, wall posts and notifications with ease. © Motorola M%C3%A9xico-3a53.aspx Push the familiar 'F' logo on Motorola's Motokey, and you can access Facebook instantly! © HTC Mobile Check out the HTC Status. It has a Facebook 'share' button too, at the bottom of the keyboard. It seems that Facebook and HTC's partnership does not end here. A smartphone, codenamed “Buffy”, is also in the works. What else do we know about the Facebook phone so far? Things have been extremely secretive, so we do not know much yet. But a big part of Facebook is helping us connect and share with friends. We can expect that this will be what the new smart phone is all about. We can't wait to have one of our own!   Featured image by Flickr user under CC attribution

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