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More Terracota warriors found
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Who are these Terracotta warriors?

110 Chinese Warriors- why was this army formed?

Terra cotta Warriors 110 of them!

An army of ferocious warriors. To protect the emperor and their kingdom. Ready to fight and scare off  attackers. They are coming! whoa Hang on! These are not real people. But statues of warriors. Hundreds of years old!   They were built to guard the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuandi. Archeologists (historians who look for relics of the past to understand history better) have discovered 110 new warrior statues that have been buried for centuries! They were found in Xian, China and are life size. And this is why they are also called the Terracotta Warriors. This is not the first time that such statues are found. The army was first discovered in 1974 when farmers were digging a well and found three pits filled with these statues! Since then, 700,000 workers have been unearthing them for over 36 years! This is the most interesting discovery for Chinese archeologist’s because this time they found the statues painted. The Emperor a long time ago, order the army with a 20 mile tomb in which to house them.

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Did you know?

The tomb used to have automatically triggered crossbows to protect the emperor's tomb in case someone wanted to disturb the tomb!

But, luckily no researchers have been hurt by them.

    People from around the world visit the structures to find out what makes them special. The statues are really special and the detailed artwork on those statues is just amazing! They all have different hairstyles, different facial features and more. The shortest statue is 5 feet 8 inches tall! The tallest is 6 feet 6 inches tall. The soliders' legs are made of clay and the upper half is hollow, that is what makes them stand upright easier. China has been having some sort of rediscovery in the recent years! Very recently, archeologists reported finding new information about the Great Wall of China! What's the news? Well they found out that The Great Wall has been found to be twice as big as it is today. Unbelievable1 The original wall was 5,500 miles but researchers have found that it should be 13,170 miles long.

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