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Dinosaurs extinct because they heated the Earth with their poop?
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Dinosaurs extinction related to earth's warming

Dinosaur poop probably warmed the earth’s climate

Dinos are depicted both as cute and cuddly creatures (Like Dibo the gift dragon or Barney- the purple dinosaur) as well as fierce menacing creatures (like in the Jurassic Park movie)

 But one question has always got scientists thinking. Why did the dinosaurs disappear from the earth? Why did they get extinct? What was the cause behind the extinction of the dinosaur species?

 One explanation has recently come up and surprised everyone. And it is in some ways, a pretty explanation.

 As you probably know, Dinosaurs were not just Carnivores (meat eating)- some Dinosaurs were also Herbivores (plant eaters).

And it is these plant eating Dinos who may have pooped themselves into extinction!Dinosaurs extinction due to pop gases

That’s right, dinosaur poop warmed the planet. And it made it so hot- that Dinosaurs probably became extinct because of that.

Anyways- these herbivore dinosaurs' were not cuddly, meek creatures. Some of them were pretty dangerous too:

We poop everyday, do we warm the planet too?

 Yes, feces produce a gas called methane. Methane traps heat and warms up the planet. One person does not cause too much of an impact but billions do.

Lets hope that all the billions of them are not pooping at once!

 How exactly did methane warm the climate?

 Researchers believe what they ate caused them to produce methane.

 The yummiest plants for a dinosaur like the triceratops were bushes and plants that were low on the ground. Easy to get to, easy to feast on and yummy all natural goodness, these plant eaters loved their food.

Dinosaurs were huge, and because of their large size they had to eat a lot. Most weighed 20 tones. A herd comprised of a group of up to 20 animals that lived together. Scientists took this herd and figured out that they produced over 470 tons of poop over a period of time. (Amazing!)

 Ever heard of a greenhouse gas? That is what methane is, it absorbs all of the heat from the sun and then traps it in the Earth’s atmosphere.

[box type="comment" size="medium" title="Poop competition" right_title="Other interesting prehistoric story" right_description=" " url="" style="arrow green" ]Did you know that cows produce 100 million tons of manure filled methane gas every year. Dinosaurs still beat them out at 520 million tons per year.

How do scientists know how much methane a dinosaur produced?

They use the total mass of the dinosaur. Since dinosaurs were so large they had to eat more food. They ate more food which caused them to poop much more.

 Does Methane gas have a smell?

Yes, erm actually it smelled like, well, fart (Smelly!)

 Methane gas comes from wild animals and humans, and our climate is warming up as well. It is 23 times better than most other chemicals at trapping heat.

 Guess what?

Plant eating dinosaurs were more to blame, then their meat eater cousins.


Well, you see my little Gasseou-sarus’- it is because plant eaters don’t digest their food in the same way as meat eaters. In the process of digestion, plants and leave make the animals release more gas than meat.

How about this fact?

Cattle belching causes over 20 percent of methane emissions. Yes, we said it cattle belching!

 But Hey! Right now this is just a theory. This means Scientists are not really sure if this could be a real cause for the Dinosaurs extinction. It is just a subject of test.

Some of the scientists have even stated that they used estimates that are not fit for different types of dinosaurs- like a Stegosaurs might have produced different levels of methane than an Apatosaurus.

Why does it matter?

The Dinosaurs world was already hot, in fact it was quite tropical. Break out the Lai’s and Hula!

It was 10 degrees celsius warmer than it is now!

Then take into account how much a dinosaur pooped and think of how much quicker they cooked the planet!

Why was the planet so hot?

Well, there were a lot of volcanoes at the time. So they were emitting gases and lava all the time. They also had a little help from swamps, shallow seas and small shrimp- that emitted gases that warmed the earth.

Dinosaur methane increased damage to the Earth- but only very little as compared to the Volcanoes.

 But even this theory sounds a bit smelly, scientists are always curious to find the cause of events and keep an open mind.

All in all- a potty interesting story!

Image attribution: Wikipedia

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