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Diving to the deepest point on Earth- movie director James Cameron creates history
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London, 27 March, 2012: James Cameron, who directed all-time favourite movies like Titanic and Avatar went for a submarine all by himself to the Mariana Trench. This was a solo dive to a trench that is considered the deepest point of all oceans in the world. It is being called the ultimate test of ‘man and his machine’. NASA Deep Sea Diving TrainingIt’s history being made This episode is going to make it straight to the history books because Mr. Cameron is the first person to make a solo dive to the Pacific Ocean trench. He went down 11 km deep to the bottom of Marina Trench in the western Pacific sea. The temperature here is freezing. It is also the first ‘manned expedition’ to the trench in more than half a century. So for the last 50 years nobody has accompanied the machine to the sea. The last time 2 men from a US Navy team went diving there in a shorter expedition in 1960. The director said that it took him more than seven years of planning to do this!

  Deep Sea Zones       About the Mariana trench: The Mariana Trench is a crescent-shaped opening in the Earth's crust which is more than 1,500 miles (2,550km) long and 43 miles (69km) wide on average. Because of its extreme depth, it is always in perpetual darkness and the temperature is just a few degrees above freezing, according to members of the mission team. The water pressure at the bottom of the trench is a eight tons per square inch, or about a thousand times the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level.
Details of the Deep Dive
  • Where did he go:Challenger Deep valley of the Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean 
  • How deep was it?: 35,756 feet (10,898 metres)
  • Where is it?: Southwest of Guam, Papua New Guinea
  • Time Taken: 2 hours and 36 minutes
  The director returned back to the surface on Monday. He says “There had to be a moment where I just stopped, and took it in, and said—This is where I am; I'm at the bottom of the ocean, the deepest place on Earth. What does that mean?” he also said that the place he went to was a barren and completely alien world on the ocean floor. He compared it to the surface of the moon. It was a “very lunar, very desolate place. Very isolated,” he said.
  Cameron has said that he was at the bottom of the ocean for a little more than two-and-half hours, although he had planned to stay there for six hours. He had to cut the stay short because of some problem with the ocean craft's hydraulics system. From his trip down the ocean, Cameron has collected samples for research in marine biology, microbiology, astrobiology, marine geology and geophysics. He also captured photographs and 3D moving images.  

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