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Google Project Glass: Cool spectacles make you surf the web. Whats the cost?
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Wouldn't it be amazing if you could go online by wearing a pair of glasses? That is what Google's Google Project Glass is about! Put on a pair of glasses and information will literally flash before your eyes. Google Glass is a pair of augmented reality spectacles. BeforeĀ I explain more - here is a video that is surely going to interest you. The Whiz Times Whiz Kid on latest news What is this Augmented Reality?

You must have seen The Terminator (the movie I mean!). In the movie, the terminator (a robot from future) looks around and his robotic eye 'scans' the world around him. Information about whatever he sees appears in front of his eyes like someone was typing all the information for him.
Augmented reality is when computer-generated information is placed into what you see in the real world. Therefore, you can see live updates of the weather, as you are looking at the sky!

  With this advanced technology, Google Glass allows you to check social media updates on the go. The built-in camera lets you take photos and videos of what you see. If you need directions, you can also look up a place on the map. Doesn't it look spectacular? Not only is everything more convenient, communication is made more fun and interactive. The presentation is as thrilling as the product! Skydivers, who wore Google Glass, jumped over San Francisco city. They landed onto Moscone Center, where the conference was held. The live video of their point-of-view were seen by the 6,000 attendees. Needless to say, the audience was thrilled. The skydivers were welcomed with loud applause as soon as they entered the building. Excited yet?

Google Glass will be available in 2013, at the price tag of US$1,500. But hang on a minute first- these will probably be available only to software developers first- so they can build cool programmes to be used in these glasses. For us, we may only be able to get a pair in 2014. Meanwhile, we will still have to rely on our smart phones and computers to experience Augmented Reality. We can hardly wait! These pairs of smart glasses are only a part of Google's bigger plans. Shh, Google has a secret lab! In a facility known as 'Google X', scientists are working on many futuristic technologies. More than 100 projects aim to pave the way for the future. Remember the self-driving car featured in The Whiz Times a few months ago? That is one of the projects by Google X! Other projects include intelligent robots that could help us with our mundane everyday tasks. Google could soon turn many more science fiction ideas into reality! Featured Images Attribution: Flickr user maxbraun

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