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Message in a Bottle found after 100 years?

Message in a bottle found after 100 years!

Who wrote the message and what was inside?

A message in a bottle has been retrieved after almost 100 years, setting a new world record for the length of time spent at sea.

The bottle was released in 1914 as part of a scientific experiment by the Glasgow School of Navigation in Scotland to investigate the drift of currents in the North Sea.
The 1,890 bottles released in the experiment were designed to sink downwards and float along the seabed, so scientists could discover which way the currents flow by the location of each bottle when it was found. A note inside each bottle offers sixpence to the person who returns the bottle to the Director of the Fishery Board in Scotland. Unbelievable1 Ninety seven years later, on April 12 this year, Scottish fisherman Andrew Leaper discovered the bottle when he hauled in his fishing nets. It has now been confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records that this new discovery breaks the world record for the length of time spent at sea. awesome The previous record-breaking bottle was from the same experiment and was found six years ago by another Scottish fisherman, Mark Anderson who is coincidentally a friend of Andrew Leaper. So far, only 315 bottles from the 1914 North Sea experiment have been returned so Andrew Leaper and his friends are optimistic they might break the record again. Do you want to make your own "Message in a Bottle experiment? Sign in and get to know a fun and easy way - for this experiment.


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Do you want to make your own “message in the bottle” experiment?
   Here are some things you should know:

  • Make sure the bottle can be fully sealed so it is water-proof
  • Use high-quality paper so it won’t disintegrate. The paper will be exposed to sunlight even through water, so only use white paper as colours will fade.
  • Use a high-quality permanent marker, rather than pen or pencil so your message stays clear.
  • You can write whatever you like as your message, but make sure you include your name, contact postal details (and maybe some back-up details like your local post office in case you move) and the date you released the bottle. You can’t break a world record if you don’t put the date!
  • Make sure you release the bottle into deep sea water, not too close to the shore, unless you want someone to discover the bottle before you return home.

Featured Image Attribution :Flickr User : Sergio DJT

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