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Shinzo Abe is the new Prime Minister of Japan
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Shinzo Abe: Can he deliver Sumo Sized boost to Japan?

  The last few months have been months of major political change. We covered in detail the US presidential elections, you read stories about China leadership change, we covered the little-talked-about South Korean elections, we covered the political unrest in Egypt and Syria and even the new leadership in small but powerful country Hong Kong. Shinjo Abe Mr Shinjo Abe Now another big change: Japan, the second largest economic power in the world, has elected Mr Shinzo Abe as the new Prime Minister of Japan. Actually, Mr Abe is a second time Prime Minister of Japan. He was in power in 2007, but had to resign from his job due to pressure on weak performance of his government.
Mr Abe belongs to the Liberal Democratic Coalition (LDP). A coalition is when a few parties can join hands together- so even if one party does not get enough votes to come in power on its own, together, the coalition can have enough votes to form a government. (Read this story on classroom democracy to understand more about what is democracy)
These are tough times for Japan. You have read about economic crisis in Europe and US. Japan is not far behind, and desperately needs a boost in its economy, which going down and down since years now. Who did LDP join hands with to form the winning coalition team? What is the opposition party's name and who is the outgoing Prime Minister of Japan? Be a member to get FULL ACCESS to high quality, safe content.  All you want stories, videos and fun! From the only digital channel of its kind for Families and young people. Sign in and get access to loads of goodies - registration is Easy-Peasy!


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  Who did LDP join hands with to form the winning coalition team? The LDP joined hands with another party New Komeito to gain a big victory in the new Japanese elections. Election results showed that the LDP had won at least 293 seats, and New Komeito at least 30 seats. Interesting fact: The LDP had held power in Japan almost constantly from 1955-200. It was only in 2009 that it suffered a huge loss. And now they are back again. When will Mr Abe formally take over the post of Prime Minister? December 26th 2012 is the date marked for the formal designation of the new Prime Minister of Japan. Who is the current President of Japan? Mr Yoshihiko Noda is the outgoing prime minister and belongs to the Democratic Party. Another interesting fact:  There were 12 parties competing in the 2012 elections in Japan

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