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Tendulkar or TON-dulkar?
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Dhaka, Bangladesh: Sachin Tendulkar, Indian batsman, sometimes also called as the God of Cricket- became the first cricketer ever to score 100 international centuries. Cricket is a game extensively played and followed across the world, especially in South Asia. Though countries from all continents have good cricketing teams, it is in South Asia that Cricket as a sportĀ  achieves a different scale altogether. In countries like India, it is followed so closely that sometimes, it is also called as a religion on its own.

And for a religion like cricket, a man like Sachin Tendulkar is GOD.
The 38 year old Indian batsman scored his Hundredth Hundred in the Asia Cup match on 16th March 2012 where India played against Bangladesh. He was playing at a score of 99 when he hit a ball from spin bowler Shakib Al Hasan for a single run to complete his 100 runs.
Whiz Times- News for pre-teen children Kids   Sachin has scored 51 centuries in tests and 49 in one day internationals. Test matches are usually played over a 5 day period, and One-day as the name implies, are played within a single day. Cricket has many format including test matches, one-days and 20:20 matches.  
Tendulkar hit 10 boundaries and one 6 on way to his hundred. This he did in 138 balls at the Sher-e-Bangla national stadium in Mirpur, Bangladesh. He got out on the 148th ball at a score of 114 which included a total of 12 boundaries and one six. Tendulkar has been constantly under pressure to complete this achievement from his fans - and it took him almost a year to finally hit a century and reach this landmark.
You can understand Sachin Tendulkar's feat by a simple comparison: The other closest batsman to him is Jacques Kallis from South Africa who has hit 42 centuries and Ricky Ponting from Australia who has hit 41 centuries till March 2012. This means they have to hit a hundred about 58 more times to even be equal to Tendulkar! Even that looks impossible considering they both have been playing since 1995, and are unlikely to continue playing for more than a few years.
  You can also take a look at the top ranking batsmen as per total runs scored. Sachin Tendulkar is at the top with 15,470 runs, followed by Rahul Dravid of India who scored 13,288 runs.     Photo attribution: Flickr    

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