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Tennis has a new Superman- Novac Djokovic

Melbourne, Australia: This week saw one of the most epic matches in tennis history. Djokovic wins epic match against Nadal Djokovic wins epic match against Nadal: Source: ATP/AFP/Yahoo   Novac Djokovic- World number 1 Tennis player from Serbia met Rafael Nadal from Spain- in the 2012 Australian Open tournament. History as they say, repeats itself. Nadal had fought another tennis giant- Roger Federer (also called the "Federer Express" due to his lightening speedy serve) in 2008 at Wimbeldon- in one of the greatest matches of all times- and had won the match. And January 2012 saw Djokovic emerging as the champion against Nadal in a marathon 5 hours 53 minutes match. It was a true test of spirit, talent and perseverance. The final match scores were 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7 (5-7), 7-5- and with this win, Djokovic managed to increase his total number of wins to 4 wins out of total of 5 major matches. This win was also interesting because it made Djokovic only the fifth man since the "Open" Tennis matches are organized since 1968 to win three straight Grand Slam finals

Mr Whizstein from Whiz times   Prof Whizstein says: Grand Slams are also called the Major tennis tournaments or Open Tennis tournaments. These tournaments hold special importance in the world of tennis. They comprise of the US Open, Australian Open, French Open and the Wimbeldon)
    The 24 year old tore off his shirt in celebration of a much deserved victory. The match also saw sportsmanship spirit in the speeches of the two very good players. Djokovic said "We made history tonight and unfortunately there couldn't be two winners" Nadal, earning laughs and loud applause from the crowd said: "Congratulations to Novak and his team. They deserve it. They are doing something fantastic, so congratulations"

One more win for Sportsmanship.

Notes: Men's tennis rankings Women's Tennis rankings   Featured image attribution: BBC (c) 2012 BBC

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