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Recipe for World’s Biggest Ice Cream dessert?
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World's Biggest Ice Cream dessert in England

British Chef Heston Blumenthal created a World Record

The people of Gloucester, England created a 13 foot tall cone filled with ice cream! superDuperwithcheeseonTop The treat was 5 feet bigger than the current record setters and was created by British Chef Heston Blumenthal.  

Interested in BIG  Sugary treats? Check out this video of the World’s largest Ice Cream Sundae:

He wanted to also use the cone as a stunt for his new television series the Big idea which is about culinary skills and science. In order to create the cone the local ice cream plant called Walls, was enlisted to help. Mish- The Whiz Kid Mish- The Whiz Kid   They donated the ice cream and other materials as well as the labor. The hardest part was not creating the cone it was getting the lump of vanilla ice cream frozen. The middle was hard, it took about a month to do it. They also had to protect the cone from seagulls and other pests. The waffle cone was flavored with Coca Cola, and then a forklift placed the ice cream inside. They even put on a piece of chocolate and the cone was ready. Then the best part! Kids from the audience were allowed to shoot the cone with strawberry sauce, sprinkles and more

Quick Trivia

  • The ice cream weighed 2,204 pounds!
  • Walls, the company that made the ice cream donated the ice creamFREE!
  • It took more than a month to freeze
  • Heston Blumenthal arrived at the event in a vintage ice cream truck
  • Last Year a 9 foot cone held the title of the World's biggest ice cream dessert in Italy
  • The kids blasted the cone with sprinkles, but couldn’t get them to stick!
  • Everyone there got a scoop and then some more!

Take that     Featured Image : Flickr User :eePaul

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