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The Whiz Times offers plenty of opportunities for brands and marketers to reach out and engage with the key target audience of the site.

It is a unique digital platform that gives pre-teen youth a smarter headstart in this fast changing world.

It introduces kids to the real world through an immersive, stimulating, safe and fun environment.

The Whiz Times reaches out to kids, parents and schools and offers multiple opportunities to engage with them. 

The Whiz Times carries only transparent and decent marketing messages and understands the responsibility towards children and families. Under our principles for marketing to children, we ensure our advertisements don't convey misleading messages, don't undermine parental influence, don't encourage pester power and do not glorify over consumption.

A crucial part of the Whiz Times community has parents at the core- moms and dads from 30s to mid 40s - parents of pre-teens and early teens. Many of them are influential social media personalities themselves.

Here at The Whiz Times, we allow for specially crafted conversations to resonate with our readers and our community. We take branded content marketing and put it in the social mix. Something out of the ordinary for your marketing campaigns.

Content fuels conversations and conversations create powerful marketing.

With this premium, fully engaged, future conscious consumer, you want to create opportunities to engage. And that is exactly what we do.

Send an email to to get a custom strategy for creating valuable engagements with The Whiz Times community.

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