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On this page you'll find everything you need to know about The Whiz Times, how families use it, and how we keep the site safe and secure for you and your kids.

Safety and privacy


What’s The Whiz Times?

The Whiz Times is a unique service that provides for a family safe, child friendly platform to understand real world happenings. It uses a storytelling approach and ample interactivity to bring wholesome content and to connect kids and families. It makes kids (and grown ups) be more aware of real world happenings in a simple, engaging and interactive manner. They understand real world events, develop critical thinking and become more confident, intelligent and, well, Whiz. Custom created daily news with high quality pictures and stories, tonnes of videos, interactive quizzes, magic dictionary and a lot of other features- make The Whiz Times loved by Kids, Parents and Teachers alike.

How does The Whiz Times work?

It’s simple: just subscribe, log-in and start rolling. The home page has recent stories lined up. But you can also choose to pick from a category (Top menu) and start enjoying it. Many stories have a 'Whiz Quiz Game' associated with them. So read the story and play the Whiz Quiz on that story. What do you know? You start getting Golden Stars as you shoot through the quiz! Not just that, you earn points on many activities performed on the site. For every story shared, liked, tweeted- you get extra points. You also get points when you log in everyday. Not only that, The Whiz Times wants to make a star out of you- so once you start contributing content, you get more and more and more points! You can be featured on the home page of the site (Top Users) and top users can even win goodies from our Sponsors! Top

Who uses it?

The Whiz Times is primarily designed for Knowing the real world and it is designed for families and children. There’s no specific age limit or range, but we suspect families with kids between 6-14 enjoy it most. This includes Dads, Moms, brothers and sisters. We are getting a huge interest from educators and schools and we think they might play a big part in the near future.

Why did you create The Whiz Times?

Simple. Apart from being accomplished industry professionals, the team behind The Whiz Times comprises of parents of young kids. As forward looking and concerned parents, all of us had the same problems. And because no one else was solving this, we decided to walk the walk ourselves. In today's world, we see some trends: More and more kids are adopting the digital medium and there is an information revolution. The problem is that a lot of the content out there, is not child friendly / child safe. Alongside, kids are spending huge amounts of time on the digital medium, and not really coming out any more skilled for real life. We created The Whiz Times to make kids use the digital medium in a more constructive manner. Alongside, the language and treatment of the site still feels a lot of fun! It is not about 'tutoring' or "Oh! There's another subject to tackle" No. This is a fun thing- not a tuition class. We created The Whiz Times to give you a great, constructive, engaging platform, that is family friendly. And there's more to come!

Are there other benefits to The Whiz Times?

The Whiz Times promotes the new currency. Knowledge. It promotes constructive critique, fact based thinking, imagination, literacy, and self-confidence. Kids who have access to this kind of a platform, where they can engage with words, pictures and content early on, tend to score higher in cognitive and aptitude tests later on. They are better able to understand concepts and ideas. Plus, the opportunity to be able to create content themselves gives them an unprecedented platform to nurture and showcase creativity early on.

How much does The Whiz Times cost?

The Whiz Times works on a membership model, with something for everyone. Subscription fees start from $1.99 per week.

Is The Whiz Times safe?

We designed The Whiz Times to be a safe place for kids and their families. First, we are NOT a social sharing site. There is no chat engine built into The Whiz Times, so there’s no way for children to have a real-time conversation with anyone. Second, any content or interaction on the site is strictly moderated. Even after all this, less than 13 years olds are asked to get parental consent to create a profile. Once a parent approves and activates a link in the email, the child can enter and create their own profile. Some personal information can be filled in by the child once they log-in, though no personal information is made public or used for marketing purposes. Information is to understand our audience and their interests/surfing behavior, so we can generate better content in future. We do not share any personal audience data with third parties, and do not allow behavioral targeting in ads and messages. The Whiz Times does allow members to create public profile pages but does not make your personal details public. Public profiles can be used to showcase one's articles submitted to The Whiz Times in one place, and in general a showcase of whatever they want to project. We believe this is better than not to have any profiles at all- which drives kids to the big social networks which can have inappropriate content. Then again, we are heavily moderated. No content goes live without thorough audit and editorial checks. Finally, all The Whiz Times  content and profiles that are shared publicly are reviewed before going live. If we find inappropriate material, that content or profile is pulled. It’s that simple. And if we miss something, anyone can flag that item for immediate review by sending an email to editor at the

Think there are other ways we can make things safe? Let us know. Send an email to editor at the


Our privacy policy

Here are the basics of our privacy policy:
  • Your details that you submit on the site are kept private
  • We don’t publish or sell your information

Get involved!

Have some spare time? Want to help the The Whiz Times community grow? Here are some ways to participate:

Contribute content- Be a star!

Have an opinion about anything that is happening in the world out there? Have a talent to showcase? Let us know. Do not wait for us to bring a contest. Just Do it!

Invite your family and friends

The Whiz Times is even more enjoyable when you spread the word and enjoy it with friends and family. Why not have parents pitching against kids in a war of the Whiz-Quiz? Or maybe the kids can become the news anchor of the week?