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  • Daily news, views, analysis, real world happenings: Children know what’s happening in the world through thousands of high quality real world stories, videos, quizzes and pictures
  • Choc-full of interactive features: Slideshows, Dictionary, full length stories, children’s profiles, sounds, sliding actions and much more!
  • Cognitive abilities and story match, carefully filtered by age groups, topics and popularity
  • Absolutely safe, stimulating and fun
  • Access across tablets, smartphones and computers-at home or at school!
  • Unique ‘Reward points’ engine built-in. Children encouraged to self-enrich, become Top Users, earn badges
  • Children become superstars by creating their own content, showcased globally

    I support platforms such as The Whiz Times that focus on the world of the child within the world of the adult. Appropriate and relevant material compiled with high interest and fun levels will attract the attention of our youth in a very positive way…

    Mr Peter Derby-Crook, CEO at Tanglin Trust School

    Whiz Times is an exciting, new and interactive website that is highly visual and well written for students. I am looking forward to collaborating and seeing the growth of this incredibly exciting product to learn more about what is happening in the world

    Craig Kemp, ICT integrator at Avondale Grammar School, Singapore @mrkempnz

    As a geek and nerd myself, I deeply value all learning opportunities. Websites like The Whiz Times allow parents to engage their kids in meaningful educational content while being updated on what's happening around the world today. The next time your kid reaches out for that iPad or Galaxy Note, relax. He may be logging on to an educational resource such as The Whiz Times instead of playing a tablet game…

    Walter Lim, Editor @ Cool Insights

    The website, which provides news on global issues, appears to already have support from Brands.

    Children all over the world can now easily get their dose of daily news that's relevant to them at, the online news, information and edutainment resource for kids started by the Singapore-based Whiz Times.

    Having done a fair bit of advocacy work in promoting safer Internet use for children, this geek can see the value proposition of a site like Whiz Times, especially for homes where kids are unsupervised and free to roam the World Wild Web on their own…

    Nicholas Aaron Khoo