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Scaling Walls- My book review :) by Ada Pan
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Scaling Walls- Book Review

Hi Everybody! My first book review is about a really inspiring book that I read recently. The book ‘Scaling Walls’ is written by Oh Siew May. In this book she narrates her life story. This brave woman suffers from cerebral palsy, a disorder in the brain that affects movement in a person. It is not easy to live with physical disability and this book takes us through Oh Siew May’slife experiences and how she overcame her challenges. I loved reading about how she overcame the various challenges that she faced and was very excited to read about how she climbed Mt. Kinabalu. I was very lucky to meet Oh Siew May in person. I also had a chance to ask her a few questions and she was very kind to send me a reply. While she talks about her life experiences, her message to all of us is to never make fun of friends especially those with disabilities. She also tells us to do our best in whatever we do and be thankful. Oh Siew May Book review Me with Oh Siew May   Here is what Oh Siew May shared with me:
  1. Who/ what inspired you to write the book ‘Scaling Walls’
When I was young, no one talked to me so whatever unhappiness and happiness I would write down. I wish people would know how I felt as a special child. I hate the feeling of discrimination. I wanted to create awareness for my friends too. I am blessed with friends that always encourage me during my saddest moments.
  1. How did you find the strength to face all the challenges that came in your life?
God’s love, friends, family and my dreams gave me strength.
  1. Are there any fun memories from your childhood that you can share?
Yes .I remembered me and my sister went playing in the pond. I had great time playing with my chicks, ducks   , dogs and my dad’s canes.
  1. Did you plan any other adventure trips or exciting things after your trip to Mount Kinabalu?

I did the outward bound activities and tried all activities like rock climbing in the central standard chartered marathon.
  1. What message would you like to give to children?

My message to kids: please do not make fun of people who are special. They might look funny, talk funny, walk funny but they are just like you. They have a mind and a heart just like you. They will feel your love. Do not be afraid. Be compassionate. I hope you kids will not give up easily in what you do. In whatever you do must do your best! Be thankful to your loving parents.  
  1. What do you do in your free time?
I cook and go out with friends. Sometimes I read and write.    

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