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This man had a computer chip placed in his brain!
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(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons licence)


In Washington, with the implantation of a small computer chip in his brain, a paralyzed man could now move his fingers!

Thanks to this small computer chip, Ian Burkhart, a 24-year-old quadriplegic can now pick up a bottle or even play the video game Guitar Hero! This implanted computer chip relays signals from his brain, through 130 electrodes on his forearm and produces muscle movement in his hands and fingers.

guitar hero

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons licence)


In 2014, Ian Burkhart could open and close his hand using this “neural bypass” technology. Now, he can perform multiple and useful tasks with more advanced hand and finger movements. Scientists are looking to improve this technology to go wireless so that there is no need for cable to run from the head to relay brain signals.

This is the first time that a person living with paralysis has regained movement by using signals recorded from within the brain. Ian Burkhart commented that this technology allows him to function like a “normal member of society”


Potentially, this techology could help people who has spinal cord injuries, people who suffered from strokes or traumatic brain injuries. What a welcoming and happy news for them!



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