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Whiz news This Week Video: NASA rover, Manila floods, Olympics closing ceremony, US Agent Orange
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In The Whiz News This Week for 2nd week of August 2012, here are the Week's highlights for The Whiz News for Kids, Parents, Families and Schools:

  • Floods in Manila, the capital city of Philippines
  • United States cleaning up 'Agent Orange' in Vietnam- the ugly aftermath of Vietnam war
  • NASA's rover Curiosity lands on mars safely
  • London Olympics to come to an end this Sunday, 12th August
  Below is the transcript of the video: ================ Hello! Thanks for joining us on Whiz News This Week, by Let's learn about the latest happenings in the second week of August. This Week in World News.  
  • Manila, the capital of Philippines, is hit with heavy rain and severe floods. This is after a typhoon hit the country just a week ago. At least 19 people drowned or were killed by landslides. A landslide happens when rocks and boulders slide down a slope together.
Over 1 million people are affected. More than 780,000 people had to leave their homes. Annotation: Manila is the 2nd most populated city in the Philippines, with over 1.6 million people. Luckily, the weather is improving, and more aid is arriving for the victims.
  • In Vietnam, the United States has started to help clean up Agent Orange.
About 40 years ago, American planes sprayed the toxic agent over Vietnam's jungles during the Vietnam War. It since stayed in the soil for decades, even infecting the food supply. Annotation: Agent Orange is known to cause birth defects, disabilities and cancer. The war ended in 1975. This is America's first attempt since to clean up the toxin. In Science and Technology News:
  • NASA's rover Curiosity successfully landed on Mars on Sunday.
Since then, Curiosity has sent its first colour photo of the Red Planet back to Earth. NASA has also released a video of its landing. Awesome! Annotation: By putting together 297 images of the Mars landing, a stop-motion video is created. Video: In Sport and Entertainment News.
  • The London Olympics will come to an end on Sunday. The much anticipated closing ceremony will be called 'A Symphony of British Music'. It will be a fun night of celebrating popular tunes from UK artists such as Muse!
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