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News this week for kids and families (animated video)
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The Whiz Times is the only platform in the world, of its kind, for kids and families. 100% safe, 100% fun and 100% enriching. Of course, the animated Whiz News This Week for Kids and Families is the only one of its kind too! Here are some important news events from around the world in the News this week for kids and families: ========================================================================== Transcript: Hi! Welcome to The Whiz News room

  1.  In United States of America a sad incident occurred in the state of Connecticut.  A gun man entered a school building and started shooting at teachers and children. 27 people lost their lives, in the incident. A memorial service was held for the victims. Read more about it on
  2. In Egypt people voted for a very important decision about their constitution. Government wanted to know the opinion of general public. People were asked whether they are in favor or against the changes in constitution. Official poll results will be announced after the polling is complete in whole country.
Read more about it here
  1. Two NASA space crafts get ready to hit moon. But do not worry. It is on purpose crash. After successfully completing their tasks, Ebb and flow, will be destroyed as they crash. These two spacecrafts were orbiting moon for more than one year. they sent amazing images for studying moon gravity. Scientists say that it was a very successful mission. Unfortunately this crash will not be visible from the earth surface.
  2. In another interesting development, some Scientists believe that, we might be living inside a giant, big computer. Wow! Like in the 1999 “The matrix movie”. The theory says that our universe can just be a computer simulation developed by some advanced alien people. Scientists will perform some tests to prove this theory. Read more about it on the whiz times!
Read more space and technology news here
  1. At the Smithsonian museum of natural history, the biggest aquamarine crystal was displayed for the first time. This beautiful crystal was unveiled in a ceremony held at the museum. The blue-green crystal was mined in Brazil in the late 1980s, and is named for Brazil's first two emperors, as Dom Pedro. It is14 inches tall and weighs nearly 5 pounds. Cuts in the reverse faces serve to reflect light within the gem. The gem was carved from an original crystal that was dropped. This is the largest of broken pieces. Others were cut into jewelry.
  2. An Ancient Extinct Lizard found recently is named after President Obama. It is being called “The Obamadon”. Scientists say that the specie got extinct along with the dinosaurs. It now shares a name with the US president Obama.
  3. Famous Smartphone game, angry birds, is being made into a 3 D animation movie. This game has a lot of fan following. The movie will be released in 2016. Get ready for a feathery adventure.
  4.  Lionel Messi made a new record of scoring most goals in a calendar year. He scored his 86th goal in 2012. This record was broken by him after almost 40 years! In 1972 Gerd Mueller set the record at 85 goals in a year.
More sports news are here   That is all for today. Do join us next week! Bye!  

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