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Yoohoo! News this week for young people is a lot of fun this week!
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Gangnam style becomes the most watched video ever, a kid brings home poisonous snake eggs (and they hatch!), the fact that whales can sing songs (for hours!), the end of the world did not happen... and many more stories this week.   Watch, share, like- just sit back and enjoy the news this week for young people and families!   ========================================= Transcript: Hi! Welcome to the Whiz news room.

  1. President Barack Obama has been named Time magazine's person of the year. Time magazine is one of the oldest weekly magazine of America. It was started in 1923. The person of the year award is given by the editors of this magazine to the one having biggest impact on news headlines in the last year.
  2. In South Korea, for the first time in history, a woman president has been elected. Her name is Miss Park Geun-hye. She vows to promote Science and technology in her country. Read more about it on
  3. 21st December was supposed to be the end of the world! It was a myth circulating for many years. As the world did not end on Friday the 21st, let’s see why it was thought so. Mayan culture is an ancient culture of the Central America. Mayan people had a special type of calendar called baktun. It was predicted that at the end of 13th baktun world will end because the calendar was ending. Thousands of people gathered at this historic site on Friday in the town of Valladolid, Mexico. They believed that world is not ending but a new era is being created.
Read more about this culture on The Whiz Times.
  1. Well many of you have probably heard this song! Gangnam style. In the history of the world, this song has hit 1 billion views! A world record followed by Justin Bieber’s video “Baby”. Psy band created by Mr. Matsuura, has become very popular worldwide. The song and its unique dance moves are being copied by famous people all around the world!
You can watch this video on you tube!
  1. Talking of famous songs, do you know that whales, the largest mammal on earth, can also sing! Yes, it is true! A certain type of a whale called hump back whale, have been observed by scientists and they say that while they have their lunch they also sing! Hump back whales are 12 to 15 meters long. They sing a complex song which is 15 minutes long and they repeat it for several hours! Isn't it amazing?
  2. In Australia a 3 year old boy was lucky to escape from deadly brown snakes in his room. He found 9 eggs in his back yard and enclosed them in a plastic container and put it in his room. After few days they hatched into the deadly snakes. His parents found those snakes and called wild life department. They safely took out those snakes. You should all be careful. Always get permission from your parents.
  3. Christmas is near, read all about Christmas festivities on The Whiz Times! That is all for today. Bye!

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