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Olympics closing ceremony: closing the greatest sports show on Earth
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Did you watch the opening ceremony for the London Olympics, on the 27th July?  It started at 20:12 when the Red Arrows flew over the stadium marking the start of the 30th Summer Olympics. It was awesome isn't it? The Queen jumped out of a plane with James Bond in tow, Mr Bean joined the London Symphony Orchestra, and thousands of volunteers took us on a quirky journey through the history of Great Britain. superduper It truly was a show to behold, and one worthy of opening up the greatest sports show on Earth.  The man behind the show, Danny Boyle, is an English Film Director famed for such films as: Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting, and 127 Hours, but this has to be his greatest achievement to date. Kevin Gavin will direct the Olympics closing ceremony, and has promised the best aftershow party ever.  He is famed for putting on spectacular stadium shows with the likes of Take That, but claims that the closing ceremony will stray from the traditional concert style.  SPOILER ALERT! So what will the closing ceremony be like, and will it be as memorable as the opening masterpiece? Well, there are rumours a plenty, and if they are to be believed then the show won’t be so much of a show closer, as a show stopper. cool1  So what can we expect? Details of the ceremony, called A Symphony of British Music, have been closely guarded but The show is expected to celebrate British music, and include the likes of David Arnold, The Who, Ray Davies, George Michael, Muse, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, The Pet Shop Boys, Annie Lennox and Fatboy Slim.   Spice Girls Olympics closing ceremony Spice Girls The biggest cheer, however, may well be reserved for the ‘Spice Girls’, who are rumoured to be appearing on top of black London cabs.

The band who pleasured fans by staging a comeback tour in 2007, after initially disbanding in 2000, are still one of the most successful British bands in history with their global grosses estimated at $500–800 million between 1996 and 1998, and the group earning up to $75 million per year.
It won’t just be British Music that is celebrated, however, with a big focus to be given to British fashion and British comedy also.  If the opening ceremony is anything to go by, then there will also be plenty of surprises to look forward to also.   Everyone is excited to see if they can provide the perfect end to what has been one of the most memorable events in sporting history. Featured image attribution:

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