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Pickpocket parrot steals $1100. How is that possible?

Kea Madness

A pickpocket parrot who steals $1,100?

Don't laugh, it might happen to you!

A cheeky New Zealand parrot has turned pick-pocket, stealing NZ$1,100 from a Scottish tourist.


Peter Leach from Glasgow, Scotland was driving through Arthur’s Pass on New Zealand’s South Island when he stopped his campervan at a rest-stop to take photographs of the local scenery, including an unusual native bird called a Kea.

Arthur's Pass, New Zealand Arthur's Pass in New Zealand. Isn't it beautiful?

The Kea is mischievous and highly intelligent parrot and it is extremely confident among humans.

It has a logical approach to gathering food scraps, although it can be a pest, vandalising cars and making a mess rummaging through rubbish bins.  The Kea is an omnivore and is the only parrot in the world which attacks and kills animals.

thats terrible This is a campervan. Some people camp in these while traveling around countrysides! This is a campervan. Some people camp in these while traveling around countrysides! Mr Leach left the windows of his campervan open with all his travel funds in a drawstring bag on the dashboard.  He didn’t notice the Kea enter the van before flying off with the drawstring bag containing $1300.

"A Canadian couple walked by and said: 'We've just seen that bird take something out of your campervan'," Mr Leach said.

"It took all the money I had. I was left with $40 in my pocket."

Mr Leach reported the incident to the police so he could claim the stolen money on his travel insurance.  The police officer was initially courteous, until he asked “Do you mind if I stop to laugh?”

Kea conversations Kea parrots having a conversation

Mr Leach’s money has not been recovered although he believes there is a Kea family living in an extremely expensive nest.

“The birds are now lining their nests with £50 notes,” Mr Leach said.

    Kea parrot: t3rmin4t0r; Campervan: helena.40proof; Arthur's pass: Mrs. Gemstone; Kea parrots: lutramania

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