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(Video) Is Sony making a robot pillow that reads your mind?
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A Sony Pillow that can read your mind!

News is that Sony, the company that brought us the Walkman- (the grandfather of the iPOD, in a way), is now getting into the pillow business. And since this is the age of technology, even pillows need to be technically advanced. Sony will probably try to build a pillow- complete with wires and technology hidden within it- that can track your brainwaves while you sleep. What's the advantage? Well, the Sony Pillow Robot (if we may call it that) will monitor and see if you are really sleeping deeply or not. And in the morning, when it is time to wake you up, it will analyze if your brain is ready to slowly wake up or not. If it is, it can set slow vibrations or ring a light alarm bell to wake you up. So no harsh bells ringing to wake you up when it is time for school- and it knows not only kids but everyone needs to wake up early in the morning to start work. Don't ask what happens if you are in the habit of topsy-turning the pillow at night, or you sleep with your stomach on it in your deep sleep. If you punish your pillow like that, and Sony gives it robotic legs, it might just run out of the window in the night. Watch the video (Be patient- it might take a little while to load!)

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