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Are we all living inside giant Super Computers? Some scientists think so.
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We are actually living inside Super computers!

Scientists think the Universe is actually a game being played inside super computers!!


All of us might have been fooled all along that this is a real world we live in. Philosophers have been giving theories about the fakeness of our world but now there are real experiments which might prove it.

There is a slight possibility that a giant, big, powerful computer controls our lives on earth! This theory is coming directly from the scientists in Germany.


The theory is not so hard to understand.

In simple words, scientists who are experts in Physics and Computer Simulation have used computer programs to form a small part of our universe inside a computer or cyber world.

This process is called simulation. 

What is Computer Simulation?

Computer simulation is a branch of science in which the real world is represented by a computer program; "a simulation should photocopy the internal processes and not merely the results of the thing being simulated".

Interesting point in this experiment is that, the universe created by the computer looks exactly same as ours!

It means one cannot differentiate between the real world and the cyber world. Although the part of universe created by scientists is very small, the measurements of the simulation give same results as if a real piece of universe is being measured of the same size.

Read more about how this idea came about on page 2! 146978main gwave lg5

A few years back Oxford professor Nick Bostrom proposed this idea and now a team of researchers at the University of Bonn in Germany led by Silas Beane say they have some evidence for proving that our world is just a complicated powerful computer game being played by aliens or supernatural beings outside universe.

Scientists think that they can prove this theory if much powerful super computers are used to simulate a small living cell with all its functioning.

You can think of it as THE SIMS video game. It allows us to create a virtual world with virtual people in it.

Now apply the same theory on our world. Many science people believe that some other civilization outside our universe is highly advanced as compared to us.

They might have some super duper computers which they are using to simulate our world and universe!

noreally TheMatrixAnimated

In 1999, a movie came out called “The Matrix”. Many believe that the concept presented in that movie about the cyber space, called “The Matrix”, is actually real.

In that movie, the cyber space is created by some machines which want to control humans. Our world can also be the result of billions and trillions of simulations being run by some advanced people playing a game.

In reality, this concept of a virtual universe is quite complex than this. We do not know anything yet for sure.

Many scientists oppose this theory because there are no calculations and results to prove it.

But imagine if it is true then we can go into our past and future willingly. Time travelling would be so easy.


What will you want to do if you were just another “Sim” in the big ‘Sim City”?

3D simulation, Matrix animated image: Wikimedia Commons; Galaxy image: Flickr user roberthuffstutter; Sims 3: Flickr user Elven*Nicky

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