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The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World
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7 wonders

The world around us is amazing! You may have heard about the Great wall of China, The Pyramids of Giza, Taj Mahal, mongst others form the 'Seven Wonders Of The World'


But did you know that there were 7 Wonders of the Ancient World as well? So, what is the Ancient World?


The Ancient World, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is

the region around the Mediterranean and the Near East before the fall of the Western Roman Empire in ad 476.


Here are the 7 Wonders in the Ancient World:


great pyramid of khufu

The Great Pyramid of Khufu

It was built around 2560 BC, in Giza, Egypt. The structure was built as a tomb for the Pharoah of Khufu. It stands at 146m tall (480 ft.) and is made of mostly limestone. It is the only Wonder that is currently still standing.



hanging gardens

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

This was built in the City State of Babylon or in present time Iraq. It was built around 600 BC and was designated as Royal Gardens. It stood at 24m tall (80 ft.) and was made of mud brick waterproofed with lead. Sadly, it was destroyed by an earthquake in 2nd Century BC.



statue of zeus

The Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Built in Peloponnesus or modern Greece in around 432 BC. It was designated as a shrine to the Greek God, Zeus. It was 12m tall (40 ft.), made of ivory and gold-plated plates on wooden frame. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in a fire in 5th Century AD.



temple of artemis

The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

Built at Ephesus or present day Turkey around 323 BC. It was a temple for Goddess Artemis. It was 129m in length and 262AD. Sadly, it was destroyed by the Goths.




The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

The mausoleum was a tomb for the City King, Mausolus. It was built in 350 BC, at Halicarnassus or present day Turkey. Made of white marble, it stood at 43m tall (140 ft.). Unfortunately, it was badly damaged by earthquakes in 13th Century AD. and finally destroyed by the crusaders in 1522 AD.




The Colossus of Rhodes

This structure was built on the Island of Rhodes or present day Greece. It was built between 292 to 280 BC and was used t commerate a victry in war. It stood at 30m tall (110ft.) and was made of bronze plates attached to an iron framework. Sadly, it was destroyed by an earthquake in 226 BC.



Great lighthouse

The Great Lighthouse at Alexandria

As the name suggests, this was a lighthouse built to guide ships into Alexandria. It was located in Alexandria, Egypt and was built around 290 to 270 BC. The Lighthouse stood at 140m tall (450 ft.) and was made of stone faced with white marble blocks with lead mortar. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1303 AD.

Such awe-inspiring structures, all using bare hands and very very simple machinery!

(All images - credit: Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons licence)

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