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What are Paralympics?
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Want to see Zorro on wheels? How about Usain bolt with no legs- but still running faster than a normal person can ever run? The Paralympics are here.

The Olympics are over. But worry not- there is still plenty of action. yahoo It's the Paralympic Games now. With many sporting superstars coming up! So you know that the Paralympics are Olympics for disabled athletes. Many of the athletes in the regular Olympics have had to overcome many things to get to where they are today.  They have had to sacrifice, and work very hard.  Many at some point in their careers have felt like giving up. sad British boxer, Luke Campbell, after winning a boxing gold medal on Saturday, admitted "At one point, I was looking to get out. I didn't want to box anymore and I didn't like the atmosphere.”  It is never easy to win an Olympic gold medal. But there are many incredible stories too. Just like that of South Africa’s Oscar Pistorious, who became the first double amputee (He does not have both his legs) ever to enter the regular Olympic Games. Although he struggled to make a real impact in his events, he certainly impacted the world of athletics, and in particular the world of disability athletics.   Later this month we will be inspired by athletes who have had to fight against the odds to reach where they are today.  For many, having a disability can be the end of any kind of sporting dream, but for others it is quite the opposite, it urges them on. Here's one more video of Pierre Mainville- Fencing athlete from Canada. Think of him like Zorro on Wheels. At this year’s Paralympic games we will be reminded at just how worthy these athletes are of such a big stage.  Below is a list of some of the athletes to look out for.   1 Pierre Mainville, Canada (wheelchair fencing) 2 Tatyana McFadden, USA (wheelchair racing) 3 Oscar Pistorius, South Africa (running) 4 Natalie du Toit, South Africa (swimming) 5 Tom Aggar, GB (rowing) 6 Martine Wright, GB (sitting volleyball) 7 Peter Norfolk, GB (wheelchair tennis) 8 Nigel Murray, GB (boccia) 9 Chen Liangliang (goalball) 10 Lee Pearson, GB (equestrian) Prepare to be inspired!     Featured image attribution: Anton Burmistov

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