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Whiz News for Kids: Robot swimming with sharks, Miss World, US Presidential elections and biggest ever TV!
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The Whiz News This week video for the 4th Week of August 2012. Fun and wholesome news for kids and the entire family! This Week: *Robot released in Ocean to study Sharks *In United States Presidential race, Republican candidate Mr Mitt Romney announces Mr Paul Ryan as the candidate for Vice President *Eid celebrated all over the world *Miss China crowned Miss World 2012 *LG company releases world's biggest ultra definition TV   For loads of information and videos: Sign in and get access to loads of goodies - registration is Free and Easy!


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Transcript: Hello everyone! Welcome to The Month of August is coming to an end. We always share with you some amazing events and news from around the Globe. Let’s see what we have for you in this fourth week of august. Wow! Isn’t it a big fat ferocious thing? Yes it is! 1)      Do you know Sharks are very important to marine ecosystem's stability? Their population in the Pacific Ocean is decreasing at an alarming rate. Scientists from Stanford University are trying to figure it out. They have released a special         robot in the coast of California. The seven-foot long glider uses wave energy to push through the water. Solar panels power the scientific equipment. It is able to listen and locate the already tagged sharks. Scientists will study the movements of these sharks, in the Pacific Ocean, through this automated robot in order to better understand them. 2) United States Presidential election campaign is in full swing. Main competitor of current president Barack Obama is Republican Party’s Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. He announced Paul Ryan, as their candidate for Vice-President seat.       Paul Ryan if elected will be the youngest Vice-President in 6 decades. He is being called "Young Gun" in this election campaign. He has inspired many young voters across the country 3) Muslim community celebrated Eid Festival all over the world. It marks the end of holy month of Ramadan. It is a colorful event. There are different traditions in different areas. Specialties of this day are colorful clothes, bangles and henna on hands, and delicious food. 4) Miss China was crowned Miss World 2012 in beauty pageant contest held in china. 116 contestants from all over the world competed for the crown, marking the biggest turnout 5)In technology news this week.  LG company releases world's biggest ultra definition 3D TV. it has 84 inch, huge screen, with 8 million pixels per frame. it boasts an advanced 4K technology. Isn't it amazing! That’s all for today. Thank You for joining us! For more fun, Subscribe to and join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Bye

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