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Amazing Drones
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Drones are either controlled by computers or humans on the ground. They are called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) as well. They can be used to take pictures and videos for scientific research/information like aTMOspHERic research, surveying the ground archaeological sites and even flying into a hurricane! Other uses for the drones are for, eNtErTainMeNt purposes (Movies, Videos, Photographs etc.), War and Military Purposes.

 Singapore has the MOST drone regulations in the region! Two licenses, (an operator permit and an activity permit) are needed to fly drones that are more than 7 kilograms. licenses to fly a drone are not needed if drones are flown in a private residence or indoor district.

Some of the new things people are doing with drones are very interesting.

Take the CICADA drones for examples

They can be dropped from airplanes to gather data from hurricanes! In a farm in the United Kingdom, drones do all the heavy lifting instead of humans! That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? The team behind the project think that robotic technology could improve agriculture because of the world’s growing population. However, the researchers struggled to make the machines follow a straight line, which initially resulted in quite a lot of crop damage.

The same concept is used even in Malaysia in the Palm oil plantations for mapping land boundaries. In addition, they also provide raw data that determine a tree's health and estimate yield of raw materials.

However, scientists think they will be able to fix the problem in the coming years and will eventually achieve better crops than a normally maintained farm of the same size could produce.  

In conclusion, drones are a new and beneficial form of technology and it's only a matter of time before they get more recognition mainstream.

this is a picture of a few cicada drones :)

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